Month: May 2016

Is It Really Possible To Make Money While Travelling?

Of all the things travellers dread, particularly those travellers who enjoy travelling quite frequently, those last couple of days of your getaway are probably the most dreaded. These last few days which are in a sense the climax of each getaway aren’t the most dreaded because of the on-goings of the trip / retreat / holiday itself, but rather as a result of the thoughts of having to go back to your regular life. Travellers who can occasionally afford a getaway perhaps don’t necessarily have a regular life back home they dread, but nine-out-ten times (or perhaps even ten...

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How to Avoid Opportunistic Tourist Scammers

One of the rather unfortunate realities travellers have to constantly deal with is opportunistic tourist scammers who make it their full time business to try and con tourists out of their money and sometimes even valuable possessions and items such as your passport and other important documents. It’s really hard to feel sorry for anyone trying to trick you and steal from you, but the reality is that most of the places which turn out to be attractive destinations because of how affordable they are, are home to people who generally edure a lower standard of living, especially those...

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Essential Travel Guide for Non-Drinkers and Fussy Eaters

People who don’t drink alcohol (out of choice) are a very rare breed these days and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I refer to the quizzical stares you get when you tell someone that you’re a non-drinker. The consumption of alcohol is as natural as breathing to most people, so much so that everybody is expected to be happy about being poured a glass of wine or being offered a stiff drink as a big part of otherwise regular customs and traditions. Fussy eaters also don’t have it easy, especially if your picky eating habits are...

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Breaking Your International Travel Duck – What You Should Know

Travelling abroad for the very first time induces a mystifying mix of excitement and a bit of wonder about the unknown, sometimes a bit of fear and anxiety as well because the truth is you’re literally venturing into some brand new territory and you can’t confirm with 100% conviction exactly what you can expect. Fortunately though, wherever it is you’re going, there are plenty of travellers who have mapped the way before you and there’ll be plenty more who follow the same path after you. So it’s already somewhat of an institution and institutions tend to breed familiarity around...

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