Month: April 2017

Don’t Let Plant Dermatitis Ruin Your Vacation

It’s camping and hiking season and that means locals and travelers alike will be enjoying the great outdoors. For those who aren’t particularly familiar with plant life, however, these pleasant activities can quickly turn uncomfortable because of dermatitis – rashes caused by various environmental irritants.   Before you leave for that next adventure spend some time learning the local plant life and natural hazards and stock up on key treatments. Don’t let dermatitis ruin your trip. Poison Ivy And Friends The most common and most well known causes of outdoor skin rashes are poison ivy, poison oak, and poison...

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Three Luxury Vacation Ideas You Should Consider

When it comes to vacation time everyone does something a little different. If you can’t afford a huge vacation you might just go on a road trip or you might take a staycation and camp in your own backyard. If you can afford something big you may think one type of vacation is better than another. If you’re going on a family vacation you might go spend the week at Disney, but if it’s more a romantic thing you might spend a weekend in Tuscany. There are so many options, whether you’re vacationing alone or with many. Here are...

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How to Stay Sharp on the Road

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world, share cultural values, and better understand individual motivations and desires. As much fun as travel can be, the difficulty is staying healthy and maintaining optimal performance. Many places in the world provide great experiences, but not so great food, exercise, or sleep options. For many people who travel while operating a business or freelance gig, staying mentally sharp on the road can be the difference between keeping up and falling behind. Nootropics are a type of supplement, sometimes natural and other times synthetic, which can help to...

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Simple Tricks to Add Japanese Touches to your Home

So, you went somewhere in Japan and fell in love with their interiors. I don’t blame you. Their simple yet elegant style caught the hearts of homeowners around the world since 2010. Its minimal look fits in modern home design. Take the memories of your Japanese trip back home with you by incorporating Japanese touches in your current interior design. Of course, you can go all out Japanese in your home but it’s more practical to use these strong Asian design sparingly. With the help of our talented Sydney architects in Superdraft Pty. Ltd., here’s how you add the...

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Camping – What’s All the Fuss About?

Isn’t it amazing how despite all our technological advancements as the collective human race, we still yearn to take things back right down to the bare basics and engage in activities such as camping? I mean seriously, if you look at for exactly what it is, all that it is is temporarily giving up all the amenities you work hard to be able to enjoy, just so that you can brave the outdoors, heat up any water you need in more of a primitive manner, give up a solid wall and roof with which you fight the elements, prepare...

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