An ancient land considered holy by several religions in the world, Israel is a comparatively new country with barely 69 years of independent history to its credit. Though the political landscape here is very complex and religious tones heavy, it still makes a beautiful Middle Eastern attraction that you can’t afford to miss. Below are some reasons why you should pick up one of the Israel flights on your next holiday.

Small but abundant travelling package

Israel is a very tiny nation. However, the diversity it offers to you is simply amazing. The capital city is Jerusalem which is considered a holy place for Muslims, Christians, and followers of Judaism. It is the only Jewish democracy in the world, which could offer some shock value to some tourists.

There are several ancient and holy sites spread across this city that are not just mesmerizing but quite popular too. Tel Aviv is the financial capital of Israel and it has beautiful sandy beaches, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and upmarket restaurants to offer. It also has an Old City heart which is perfect for those who love to shop for antiques, crafts, and accessories.

When the urban landscape is over, simply go to Masada and the Dead Sea, Galilee and Negev are also perfect places. Finally, there are museums and art galleries that will make a weeklong vacation worth the hype.

Natural diversity

Though it’s small, the natural diversity of this country is spellbinding. The Negev Desert is a good place to explore the arid lands of the Middle East. On the other end is the Dead Sea, the saltiest water body on Earth located at 1,388 feet above the sea level. This is also the lowest elevation on the face of the planet, making it an even special place. Galilee has several beautiful valleys and hills and you could find hordes of migratory birds here. It is also home to the wine region of the country.

A brand-new cuisine

It’s the land of milk and honey and there is a good reason behind the prestige. The Israeli cuisine is nothing like anything you have experienced before. The agricultural diversity here is different from other Middle Eastern nations. Therefore, you can always get a perfect hummus but the cuisine that comes along with it could be completely different.

The organic produce available here makes everything even tastier. Israel has forever been at the crossroads of various civilizations because of which you get everything from Jewish Yemenite to Turkish and from Palestinian to Druze cuisines.  Note that some restaurants have their reservations full weeks in advance. So, you may have to think about this aspect as well.

If you have only been to Europe and North America, Israel will be a breath of fresh air for you. It is not only a magnificent country to enjoy some time off the grid but also a perfect place to help everyone get a taste of a marvelous culture and a mind-blowing space for enjoying entrepreneurship and creativity.