Why not take your family on an unforgettable vacation this year to visit one of the most diverse destinations in the world? Kids of all ages will love the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitats, swim in the warm ocean and experience the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. Tourists can find a range rentals in Costa Ricato make your dream trip become reality. Here are a few important considerations before booking a family vacation to Costa Rica.

1. Explore the Country

Family holidays in other famous spots such as those in the Caribbean or Belize tend to be inside the all-inclusive resorts. While it’s nice to sit on the beach or lounge around the pool all day, this isn’t advisable in Costa Rica. Ecotourism is king here,and the kids are sure to enjoy the experience.

2. Plan

Because of the rich diversity, it’s vital to plan what you want to do on your family holiday. Do you want to spend your time near some of the world’s most beautiful beaches or head into the rainforests and see exotic birds and sloths? A quick search online reveals Costa Rica’s wonders. Having an idea of what you want to do makes vacation planning more manageable. Additionally, you can find a few luxurious hotels and resort stays while in Costa Rica, which may have added facilities like a spa and jacuzzi. You can, for instance, explore websites such as https://sicomono.com/ or similar resort websites to get offers and discounts along with online booking services.

3. Go at a Slow Pace

If this is your first time in Cosa Rica, you might be tempted to try and cram everything into a short trip. The vast and diverse country has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, wildlife and beaches. But, rushing around isn’t the right way to travel with kids. All this does is make everything stressful. If you bring the family, take it slow.

4. Avoid the Wet Season

Costa Rica’s rainy season corresponds to the low season beginning in early April and often lasting until the middle of November. While this time of the year gets fewer tourists, the almost daily downpours can make vacationing a challenge. If you’retraveling without the kids, you could take advantage of the reduced prices. But, the last thing any parent wants is to sit inside with restless children waiting for the rain stop. Or worse, find themselves caught in a torrential downpour.

5. Get a Guide

Guides not only take you around but they can also be an invaluable resource. If you have young children, guides can point out and explain the wildlife that you might otherwise have missed. And they can give a running commentary on the animals, conservation efforts and ecology which in turn can be both educational and inspiring for older kids.

6. Expect High Prices

Costa Rica attracts the highest number of tourists in Central America with a price tag that matches. Expect to pay similar prices to the United States or Canada. There are ways to cut costs by eating at the small family run restaurants called sodas and to visit outside of peak season. But, more often than not, it’s not worth trying to cut corners when you’re travelling with young kids. Don’t expect a family vacation in Costa Rica to be cheap.

7. Experience the Wildlife

The wildlife in Costa Rica is both diverse and varied. Endless species of birds, marine life, monkeys, sloths and turtles call this Costa Rican paradise home. Join a tour to experience some of these exotic species firsthand. The best way to increase your chances of seeing different animals is to go on a wildlife cruise. Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve features incredible trips on the water where you’re sure to see a variety of primates, lizards and birds. Additionally, if you are a seasoned angler, then you can also consider paying a visit to the Tamarindo area, where you can opt for Costa Rica sportfishing charters to experience the best of the activity.

8. Make the Vacation Educational

Costa Rica prides itself on sustainable tourism, ecology and conservation. The Central American hotspot aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral country in the next few years. Not only is this an inspiration, but it gives parents the perfect opportunity to educate the little ones on the importance of taking care of the environment.

9. Get Travel Insurance

Travelling to Central America poses specific risks and dangers. While the country is safe compared to its neighbors, certain factors might cause unexpected problems. Make sure you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover all aspects of your trip. What could be worse than having an accident in the rainforest or falling sick only to find out you need to pay thousands of dollars for hospital treatment.

10. Don’t Expect Perfection

There’s an adage that statesā€˜If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them your plans’. Nothing describes the average family vacation better. Every traveler inevitably faces complications on almost every trip. And this is magnified when you’re travelling with children. Expect something not to go to plan.But instead of getting stressed out, laugh it off. The last thing you want is for everyone to start arguing with each other.

11. Take Advantage of Your Location

If you’re taking a family vacation to Central America for the first time, you might have the chance to visit neighboring Panama or Nicaragua. Flights connect to both destinations from San Jose. It’s possible to join a tour or take the bus. But, you should only consider this with older children or teens and plan to spend at least ten days to two weeks in Costa Rica.

Having a Great Family Holiday

Costa Rica is a perfect place to for this year’s family vacation. Just be mindful of your children by not rushing too much, take advantage of tour guides and turningan already amazing trip into an educational experience. Follow the eleven suggestions and you, like thousands of other families, will have an unforgettable vacation to Costa Rica this year.