Month: June 2017

Travel Makes An Excellent Therapy Professional

Most people consider traveling to be a fun or leisure activity, but the nomadic lifestyle has far more to offer.  Traveling can be extremely therapeutic in many ways.  Personal enjoyment and escape are not the sole reasons a person should invest in travel.   It helps to first understand that the travel industry does us a great disservice by highlighting destinations in terms of their marketing value as opposed to their true beauty.  It is easy to entice a person to visit the beach, but the ocean does not show us all this world has to offer.   Take...

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5 Unique Honeymoon Hotels Around the World

Many consider their honeymoon to be the ultimate holiday of a lifetime. It is time to throw caution to the wind when it comes to budget and indulge in whatever trip you and your partner’s heart desires. You have already been swept off of your feet at the altar and the honeymoon is no exception; if there was ever a time to do something luxurious, it is now! Let us take you through some of the best hotels the world has to offer newlyweds. The Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay Nestled in Jamaica’s Montego Bay is the world-renowned Half...

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What to Pack in Your Dog’s Holiday Bag

If you’ve taken your canine with you on holiday a few times before then that special bond between man and man’s best friend seems to shine through in the uncanniest of ways since dogs seem to be able to sense when it’s vacation time. You’ll see him perched by the door a little more nervously than when he knows you’re going to work only to come back later, perhaps not wanting to be left behind for an extended period of time. So if you are indeed taking your furry friend along with you on holiday, what exactly should you...

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