Month: August 2017

3 Ways Traveling Can Help You Emotionally and Mentally Detox

Just like your body needs to detox when you have something inside you that’s harmful, your mind also needs to detox from the stress and pressures from your everyday life. Without doing so, you could end up not only being unhealthy in your mind, but also being unhealthy in your body as a result of this. One way you can help your mind detox is to take periodic vacations. To show you exactly how getting away for awhile can be beneficial, here are three ways traveling can help you emotionally and mentally detox. Increase Your Happiness Simply taking a...

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Why UK Cyclists Shouldn’t Pay Road Tax

A big debate among the cycling community has developed after the launch of an online petition towards the end of 2016, calling for cyclists to pay for road tax and also to hold insurance in order to ride on British roads. Available for view here, the petition was aimed at Prime Minister Theresa May, pleading for “cyclists to hold insurance and pay road tax to use public UK roads,” as evident by the URL of the petition on Leisure Lakes, stockist of road bikes takes us through three key reasons why cyclists should not in fact pay UK...

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Alternatives to

Over time has cut out a niche for itself when it comes to accommodation services. Wherever you are travelling to in the UK, this is the ideal site to help you get some great food and sleep at short notice. However, there are various alternatives to, and their convenience depends on where you are headed and how much you want to pay Here are a few of those alternatives to get you started. Also based out of the UK, lateRooms is considered one of the finest hotel service providers of our time. It is a great...

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