Month: October 2017

How To Plan The Perfect Girl’s Trip

Road trips can be a mix of adventure, excitement, planning, but the planning can be stressful. However, it serves as an excellent platform to take friendships to the next level. You learn a few your friends and yourself when you travel together. So when you have no plans this weekend, and all you can do is fill your mileage reimbursement form template, you can decide to plan a trip with your girls. Here is a travel guide on how to make sure you plan a perfect girl’s trip: Plan Thoroughly Leaving everything up to fate is never a good...

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3 Unique Cruise Holidays

This is it, you have been thinking about going on a cruise for years and this year is the year. Now that you have gathered determination, courage, passport and money, you are wondering which cruise to choose. That is certainly not an easy decision to make. After all, so many of the popular cruise ships are so big that spending a week at sea, on one of those monsters, is an adventure on its own. Some have water slides, others go carts. They all have pools, luxury restaurants and theatres. If this is your idea of a vacation, go...

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5 Tips On How To Travel Light Without Sacrificing Comfort And Style

Photo used courtesy of Blue Orange Travel Are you itching to travel the world or simply need to go on a business trip but are terrified of the amount of things you will need to take? It is a surprisingly common feeling and one that has led to the end of many adventures before they even started. The issue is simply one f perception; how can you possible manage without all your ‘essentials’. The answer is to consider what your essentials really are.  You will also find a greater freedom and a reduction in your costs; something that everyone,...

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