Month: August 2018

Casual Travel Options for Getting Around the Neighborhood

Depending on what kind of neighborhood or community you live in, there are all sorts of different options of getting around. And in these days of technological advancement, sometimes the more fun options are electric. You can always go back to your classic people powered options, but it’s fun to look at some of the more notable ways that technology has improved your ability to get around. Start with electricity powered. You can buy an electric bike. There are self-balancing scooters you can buy now that exist as a travel option. Electric skateboards are an option for people who...

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3 Tips for A More Stress-Free Vacation

While taking a vacation or otherwise traveling can be a great way to experience different parts of the world, it can also bring with it a lot of stress. From the stress of driving or flying to your destination to the money you’ll be spending and having to miss time from work or your other responsibilities, it makes sense that many people feel that their vacations aren’t actually as relaxing as they might like them to be. And then if you have something go wrong on your vacation, like needing a tow truck or losing your luggage, your stress...

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The Essential Kit To Take For Camping Holidays

It’s fair to say that come the Summer season, so many of us chose camping holidays for a fun and affordable getaway. It gives us the opportunity to escape our busy lives, immerse ourselves with the great outdoors and nature, and be able to just head off anywhere we like without booking complications and heavy planning. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with family and friends in a different holiday environment. However, it can be riskier than jetting off to some holiday destinations. Camping is extremely weather dependant, meaning the weather can sometimes make or break...

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Truck Driver Language Every Driver Should Understand

Traveling the roads for the end of summer vacation is a great way to wrap up your kids’ short-lived freedom from the classroom.  Before you head out on the opened road, there are a few key pieces of information you may want to consider filing in your mind’s storage space.   Driving on the highways means that you will be mingling with truck drivers and their large 18-wheelers for most of the trip.  Ignorance and fear cause hundreds of trucking accidents per year.  It helps to know a little bit about the culture and communication habits of truck drivers.   When you better understand the position of a big rig driver, you can both coexist on the roads without any trouble.  Here is a quick look at some important truck driver language every driver should understand. Flashing of the headlights You no longer have to drive the interstates full of confusion.  When a truck driver flashes his headlights at you (or another trucker), they are sending a message.   Depending on the positioning of the vehicles on the road, flashing headlights are always meant to convey a message.  If you are in front of the truck, trying to switch lanes, flashing headlights means that the way is clear. Once you move in front of the truck, it is complementary to give two flashes of the headlights as a “thank...

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5 Tips For Making Business Trips Easier

Traveling for business is something which can be a headache.   Rather than going to an office for your workday, you’re flying to another part of the country,  or in some cases another part of the world. You have to catch a ride to the airport, arrive at the gate, make it through the flight, and often have to directly attend a conference or a meeting. Although being able to travel for work may seem glamorous for many, the truth is it can be exhausting.  However, the seasoned business travelers know a few tricks which make the trip more comfortable....

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