One of the best things about a city break is having a holiday without having to spend much. Of course, it’s easy for costs to spiral out of control, so how do you stop that happening? One way is to book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room. Here are just three ways doing so should save you money.

  1. There’s a Fully-Fitted Kitchen

If you ask people to list the benefits of booking a serviced apartment over a hotel, ‘access to a fully-fitted kitchen’ is probably going to come out ahead. When you book a hotel room, you’re either going to have to accept an added charge to eat in their own restaurant or go out for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner to find somewhere to eat. Needless to say, the costs of eating out for every single meal, even over a short city break, can really start to add up. Instead, book a serviced apartment and use the kitchen to prepare your own food and snacks.

  1. You’re Easy Walking Distance from Town

One thing people often fail to take into account when considering serviced apartments is that they are almost always a lot closer to the centre of town than most hotels. Okay, there might be some central hotels, but these tend to be more expensive options. Cheaper hotels are cheap because they aren’t in the middle of things. In contrast, a serviced apartment will usually be central. So, how does this help you save money? Because instead of taking taxis or buses whenever you want to check out the sights, or when you got to eat at possibly the best restaurants in Dallas or coolest bars in New York, you can simply walk most places you need to go.

  1. You Can Stay in and Relax

You’re not going on your city break to stay in your room all the time, but you’ll still want somewhere nice to sit back and relax after a long day seeing what there is to see and doing what there is to do. In a hotel room, there isn’t much space to stretch out and relax. In contrast, a serviced apartment will have its own living area. The upshot is you’ll feel fine spending the evening indoors instead of having to go out and spend money to escape the monotony of the hotel room.