Just like your body needs to detox when you have something inside you that’s harmful, your mind also needs to detox from the stress and pressures from your everyday life. Without doing so, you could end up not only being unhealthy in your mind, but also being unhealthy in your body as a result of this. One way you can help your mind detox is to take periodic vacations. To show you exactly how getting away for awhile can be beneficial, here are three ways traveling can help you emotionally and mentally detox.

Increase Your Happiness

Simply taking a break for your normal routine and experiencing things outside your comfort zone can be a big boost for the happiness you feel. According to Hannah Jury, a contributor to PsychCentral.com, people who take the time to travel are often more satisfied with their life in general. Additionally, you don’t have to actually be on your vacation in order to benefit from the happiness it can bring. Simply having a trip planned and giving yourself something to look forward to will give you those same feelings of happiness that you get when taking a vacation. This can help you power through any hard times you have to deal with before you get to leave on your trip.

Reduce Stress Levels

Although some parts of going on vacation or taking a trip can be a little stressful, in general, traveling for a vacation can be great for helping to reduce stress levels. According to Julie Loffredi, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, taking regular vacations helps for your mind to not build up an unhealthy amount of stress that becomes difficult to overcome. This can make it so your brain doesn’t produce as many of those stress hormones and can help keep that stress away even after you’ve come back from your travels.

Lower Risk Of Depression

Regardless of what your normal life and routine consists of, it’s good for your mental health to take a break every once in awhile. Even with a great life, you can still struggle with feelings of depression and its symptoms. Luckily, Larry Alton, a contributor to NBCNews.com, writes that traveling can be a great way to pull yourself out of a depressive rut. Having consistent vacations also can make it so you don’t sink so heavily into a depression and even reduce your chances of struggling with it at all.

If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, consider all the ways that getting away and taking a break from your routine could be a benefit to both your mental and emotional health.