Traveling outside of your own country can be an incredibly eye-opening experience which provides lots of insights into the world around you.  By stepping outside of your comfort zone and viewing the world through a new culture, you can expand your worldliness and evolve as a human being.

Although travel can be fantastic, it can also be dangerous.  In order to have a positive experience, and keep yourself out of harm’s way, you should never do the following things when traveling outside of the country.

Illegal Activity

It’s important to take the laws exceptionally seriously in another country.  Even though something may seem harmless, you never know what kind of consequences you’re looking at or whether you could be charged as a criminal.  It’s one thing to get in legal troubles in your own country, but when you’re in a new land which may not even speak the same language, you’re putting yourself potentially at risk.

Try to familiarize yourself with the local laws and respect them.  The last thing you want is to go to jail on your vacation.

Use Unverified Taxis

Even though you may be tempted to use an unverified taxi because it’s cheaper, you could be putting yourself in harm’s way.  In some third world countries, unofficial taxis are common ways to lure people in to be robbed or kidnapped.

Even though these are rare circumstances, you’re better off safe than sorry.  Only use taxis which have a reputable title and a taxi meter inside. If you get the impression that you feel more like you’re hitchhiking when you step into a vehicle, chances are you are.  Get out immediately and find a real taxi.

Wear Expensive Jewelry

Depending on where you are, it’s not recommended to flash around your riches like fancy jewelry.  This can make people envious and put a target on your back as a vulnerable tourist.

Do yourself a favor and keep your expensive jewelry pieces at home or for special occasions. It’s not worth getting robbed or potentially losing your precious belongings.

Eat Street Food That’s Not Recommended

Although some of the best food in the world is found in the street, it’s also a potential for cross-contamination and foodborne illness.  If not handled properly, “street meat” can lead to severe diseases which could leave you suffering the hospital.

Make sure that you at stands which are recommended by tourists and locals and are practicing proper hygiene.

Disrespect Locals

Never disrespect a local by making fun of them or being self-righteous.  The only thing you’re doing is ruining for the rest of us and creating a bad name for your culture.