Traveling for business is something which can be a headache.   Rather than going to an office for your workday, you’re flying to another part of the country,  or in some cases another part of the world. You have to catch a ride to the airport, arrive at the gate, make it through the flight, and often have to directly attend a conference or a meeting.

Although being able to travel for work may seem glamorous for many, the truth is it can be exhausting.  However, the seasoned business travelers know a few tricks which make the trip more comfortable. Here are some of the best insider tips to make your business trip just a little smoother.

Pack Minimally

Rather than packing as if you were going on vacation, pack the bare minimum.  Plan out exactly what you’ll need to wear for each day and nothing besides the basics beyond that. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a leisure trip, it’s strictly business, so there’s no room for fussing around with checking luggage or having to deal with security flagging your bag.

When you pack minimally, that means that you will be able to board with no hassle and stick your luggage in the overhead compartment with no sweat.  Investor and former CEO of the company Luxury Lin, Scott Morrow says, “I never check luggage, ever. It forces me to be efficient with what I pack.”

Choose The Right Security Line

Although this isn’t a skill but more of an instinct, choosing the right security line is crucial.  Take a look at the people ahead and look for anyone who looks like they are hesitating or clearly don’t travel much.

Opting for the line which has visibly apparent seasoned travelers who know the drill will increase the chances that you get to your gate without any hiccups.

Avoid Heavy Food and Drink

Even though you may be tempted to stretch the rules since you’re away from your routine, you should make an effort to avoid heavy food and drink.  A lot of people give into eating fast food since it’s quick and easy, yet immediately regret it. Try to maintain your regular eating routine so that you don’t feel an upset stomach which could interrupt your productivity.

Sleep On The Plane For International Flights

If you’re traveling internationally, it’s critical that you master the art of overcoming jetlag.  Sleeping on the flight will ensure that when you arrive, you are more adjusted to change in time zone.  

Taking natural supplements often helps you fall asleep, or in some cases, people who have a harder time sleeping outside of their usual routine may opt for asking for something heavier from their doctor.

Bring all the necessities for an in-flight snooze from a neck pillow to an eye mask. You’ll feel ten times more refreshed once you’re there.