Photo used courtesy of Blue Orange Travel

Are you itching to travel the world or simply need to go on a business trip but are terrified of the amount of things you will need to take? It is a surprisingly common feeling and one that has led to the end of many adventures before they even started.

The issue is simply one f perception; how can you possible manage without all your ‘essentials’. The answer is to consider what your essentials really are. You will also find a greater freedom and a reduction in your costs; something that everyone, even businesses can appreciate.

While a corporate travel agent can assist you with reducing your business costs, you may not appreciate that they can also help you to keep all the comfort and style you are used to; just in a smaller, lighter bag.

These tips will help get you started and you will never look back:

  1. Stick To Your Carry On

The cost of putting a bag in the hold of an airplane seems to increase every time you fly. You can beat this cost by packing just a carry-on bag.

But, better than this, the size of your bag will force you to limit the number of things you take. It will also ensure that you are the first out of the airport and that you can make sudden changes in your plans without worrying about where your luggage will be.

  1. Assess Your Luggage

Your bag should be small and light. But you also need to look at what items you are taking. Two changes of clothes are enough for most venues; it is always possible to wash your clothes when you are away.

You should also take just basic toiletries, most hotels offer their own range for you to use at no cost. While it may not be your preferred option you may discover a new favorite.

  1. Under $20 – Buy It

If the item you are thinking of taking costs less than $20 then leave it behind. You can purchase one if you need to but you may find that you don’t even need it. You will be surprised at how many of your items are taken but not used.

  1. Accessories

Bracelets that tend to give out positive vibes (you can go right here), chic necklaces and even stoned or modish rings can be packed into tiny corners of your bag and completely transform any outfit. You can get away with wearing the same items repeatedly providing the accessories are different; you will still look fabulous.

  1. Wear Your Heaviest Clothes

Finally, jeans are a common item to take with you as they can be used in a wide variety of situations. However, they are also heavy and bulky to pack.

You should never need to take more than one pair and the best option is to wear them while you travel; this will keep your bag lighter and make it easier for you to adapt to any situation.

Travelling light but retaining your comfort and style is more than possible, it is not even difficult. You simply need to consider your destination and hat is really essential for your needs.