Over time Booking.com has cut out a niche for itself when it comes to accommodation services. Wherever you are travelling to in the UK, this is the ideal site to help you get some great food and sleep at short notice. However, there are various alternatives to Booking.com, and their convenience depends on where you are headed and how much you want to pay

Here are a few of those alternatives to get you started.


Also based out of the UK, lateRooms is considered one of the finest hotel service providers of our time. It is a great option if you are the kind of person that tends to be late to the party. Here, they always have recommendations for what you can do should you find yourself locked out of other establishments due to spaces having been taken up. One of the biggest pull factors for this site is that they cover tonnes of destinations around the UK.


Looking for flights, car rentals and hotel deals all rolled into one? Then Opodo is the way to go. Also based in the UK, Opodo seeks to make it easy for travellers to get things done all at the same place. They have a friendly interface and great staff that always seeks to help and please.


Here, you have access to thousands of hotel locations in the UK. The site offers a wide selection, depending on what you want as well as what the costs are. If you are looking for a penthouse, Expedia will find it for you. If you are one for the regular bed and breakfast sort of arrangement, then you are going to get precisely that. If you are worried about paying and still getting passed for a room, then don’t be any more because on here, they let you pay as soon as you set feet in the door, which is pretty convenient especially for those who want to keep it discreet and pay cash.