If you are sending parcels internationally to your small business or you are sending something to a friend or family member abroad, you need to guarantee you are getting the best price for your delivery service. Additionally, you can conduct proper research on proper freight and shipping companies in New York (or in the city you reside in) to know the proper charges and facilities they would be able to provide.

However, because of the many different options for international delivery, it can be hard to find a good price and from a reliable courier service. But there are ways to simplify things.

International Shipping made easy

Parcel2Go are the UK’s leading parcel delivery comparison website, and can give you a cheaper alternative to the Post Office to send your packages. There website allows you to send anything form a small package or large parcel for a cheap price.

They can offer a wide range of domestic and international delivery destinations and can offer next day delivery for certain areas. You can also track your order as soon as you have sent it for peace of mind.

They only work with the biggest names in the courier industry so they can keep prices down and have a great track record for reliability.

Also, if you are traveling in Australia and you want to send a courier home or to some other location, you might want to check out companies that let you compare different services of courier australia, their rates, budget, plans, and logistics, for you to choose the best-suited option.

Sell through your favorite websites

Parcel2Go have an integrated ordering system with companies such as eBay and Amazon. This means that your order goes straight to the courier you’ve chosen and you can even print out the label in your own home.

Their new eBay shipping tool makes it quick and easy to book the delivery service you need quickly so you can keep your customers happy. You just sync your account to eBay and then you can easily book a delivery time and track your order on your phone.

Save money

If you are sending a package to Europe, Parcel2Go can off you the best price available. They have a lowest price guarantee so if you find a cheaper quote anywhere else they promise to match it or beat it.

Because of their large international network of couriers and sellers they can also offer very competitive international delivery to all corners of the globe.

The prospect of shipping products to places like India can seem daunting but is doesn’t have to be. Parcel2go work to ensure that shipping to India and beyond is as easy as possible. You can easily get a quote through their website.