Author: Finlay Kent

5 Ways You Can Boost Your Hotel’s Reputation

You might think your online reputation is not vitally important to your company, as your services are mostly client facing rather than online. However, a hotelier should never underestimate the power of the internet. Over a million people in the UK alone search for ‘London hotels’ every month, with most likely half of these people heading to impartial review websites such as TripAdvisor – and these forums can often make or break how many people book a stay in Liverpool, London, Manchester or elsewhere. It is therefore essential you continually monitor your online reputation, and attempt to take action...

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How Australia Needs More Bucks Party Hotels

The bucks party is an event that both the bride and groom often fear the most, as is a night that is commonly filled with unexpected debauchery, copious amounts of alcohol and some heavy shaming for the groom. All in all, it is an evening the groom will not forget for a while, and that his future wife will want to pretend isn’t happening. While Australia isn’t short of its fair share of bars and nightclubs for a fun-packed evening, one thing they are missing is a decent bucks hotel. The UK has got it right, offering a plethora...

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Top 7 Hen Do Destonations for Women

Your hen party is your opportunity to have the time of your life before the big day. Whether you are the bride or the party organiser, there are a loads of exciting places for you and the girls to visit with a lot more to do than the usual hen party clich├ęs. Paris Who can resist Paris? It is simply the prettiest, most stylish city in the world and is perfect for a classy and sassy hen do. Start the day on a pavement cafe reading Le Monde, sipping coffee and eating a croissant, then head to the Left...

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Top 10 stag do destinations for men in the U.K.

Marriage has been around since the start of civilisation. The Sumerians began the tradition 5,000 years ago. They initiated marriage by kidnapping their brides and fighting off any relatives that tried to get her back. Today weddings are more civilised, but modern pre-nuptial celebrations tend to get dirtier (though in a fun way). In the United Kingdom, bachelors have Stag Parties. Considered a traditional element to modern nuptials, these gatherings help the stag become a man. He is meant to celebrate his bachelorhood for the last time. Currently, there are 300,000 men in the UK that are in this...

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