Author: Finlay Kent

3 Things You Can Do To Have A Safer Road Trip

Taking a road trip, whether it’s by yourself or with your loved ones, is a great way to see the country you’re traveling in and learn more about yourself and your companions. However, every time you get on the road, you’re also taking the risk that you’ll get in a car accident, which happens more often than you might like to think about. So to ensure that your next road trip doesn’t end with a totaled vehicle or a hospital visit, here are three things you can do to have the safest road trip you’re even journeyed on. Eliminate...

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4 Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling To Europe

Many people have dreams of traveling to Europe at least once in their lives.  Between the rich history and vast landscapes, it’s one of those must-see places.  Although there are plenty of blogs and travel guides which will tell you what you should do, there are even less which tell you what you shouldn’t do. In order to have the best possible trip on your European vacation, make sure that you avoid these common mistakes. Bringing Too Much Luggage Even though you may want to pack everything that you could possibly need during your trip, overpacking is a bad...

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5 Things To Do On Vacation in Italy

Italy is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world.  From Milan to Venice, there is no shortage of things to do and see to keep your heart full of Italian charm. If you are planning on going on vacation to Italy, then make sure that you plan the following activities into your itinerary. Shopping Some of the most beautiful products in the world are produced in Italy.  Why not do a little retail therapy by visiting one of their many shops and buying anything your heart desires. Since Italy is widely known for their fine leather...

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Picking Up Culture Traveling North, South, East and West

One of the primary reasons that people travel is to pick up culture. You may be familiar with your state, your community, your neighborhood, and your subculture, but what about how other people live? If you want to expand your horizons, that’s where going to new locations on vacations can really make a difference. If you look at a compass, you see your options right away. You can go south, north, west, and east. In the continental United States, that takes you through an extremely variable range of cultures, which is why it’s always so exciting to use that...

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Travel Options Related To Military Service or History

For people who have ever been in the military or have been interested in the military, there are different travel options that they may want to consider when it’s time to go somewhere for vacation or an educational trip. The most important part of making sure this happens successfully is that there is enough planning involved that the details are taken care of in advance. Several types of travel immediately come to mind. You could go to Pearl Harbor to see the military museums there. If a military person is having a retirement ceremony, it’s essential to go to...

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