There are plenty of reasons people love to travel in the off-season.  It’s nearly winter, and escaping the cold is one of the most common reasons for traveling in December.  You may also choose to take advantage of the excellent pricing available for travelers when it’s cold outside.  

Whatever your reasoning may be, traveling in December takes preparation.  If you’re looking for an excellent place to visit, check out a quick look at some of the best U.S. travel destinations for December.  

Laguna Beach, California

If you’re the winter traveler looking to escape the cold weather, head west to California.  Southern California, more specifically, is a region of the U.S. that never truly gets cold. If you’re driving out to the West Coast, make sure to take necessary safety precautions along the roadways.  

Laguna Beach, to be a bit more specific, makes an ideal stop spot for travelers looking for warmer temperatures.  Plan for warm coastal strolls, the rolling waves of the Pacific blue, and whale watching.

Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach, on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, is one of those hidden gem locations.  You’ll find pricing your bank account can handle and endless opportunities for relaxation.  Mark this down as another place to escape the frozen tundra of the northern United States.

Orange Beach is a great place for go-karts, mini golf, and all the water sports you can imagine.  You’ll even have the opportunity to spot a sea turtle, pelicans, and dolphins when you take a private boat tour of the area.

Sedona, Arizona

If the beach isn’t your thing, try visiting Sedona, Arizona.  Winter in the desert is something you’ll never understand until you experience it firsthand.  Go hiking, and camp under the desert canopy in Bell Rock or Oak Creek Canyon.

The rock formations in the Arizona desert are unlike any other.  Experience the naturally dramatic architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and build a vacation you’ll never forget.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

For the traveler who seeks to embrace the beauty of winter in the United States, pack up and head northwest to Wyoming.  Yellowstone National Park provides some of the most breathtaking displays of the natural spectacle of winter.

Most of the roadways to the park are closed, starting in November, so you’ll have to access the park on an over-snow vehicle.  Guided snowmobile or snowcoach tours will give you an often unseen peek at the park covered in glistening snowflakes and frozen lakes.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota residents celebrate the frosty nature of winter in a way which would make most travelers shiver, but this destination is perfect for the lovers of cold.  The Great Northern is a ten-day festival, featuring family-friendly carnivals, the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, and much, much more.