Depending on what kind of neighborhood or community you live in, there are all sorts of different options of getting around. And in these days of technological advancement, sometimes the more fun options are electric. You can always go back to your classic people powered options, but it’s fun to look at some of the more notable ways that technology has improved your ability to get around.

Start with electricity powered. You can buy an electric bike. There are self-balancing scooters you can buy now that exist as a travel option. Electric skateboards are an option for people who grew up appreciating that mode of travel. And then beyond the idea of powered items, you always go back to manual possibilities to get around your neighborhood.

Electric Bikes

Especially if you live in a place with many hills, you may have given up getting around by pedal-power on your old bicycle. Luckily, now you can look into electric bikes that take over the work once you start moving uphill. Usually, there is a battery attached that has a sensor indicating if you need that extra push or not, and it kicks in just when you need it. Electric bikes aren’t super popular yet, but they are becoming more mainstream as they become more affordable. If this is something that you think you might enjoy, then you can find more info here about the standard electric bike, hybrid versions of this, and even foldable electric bikes that are perfect if you need to commute to work on the train or store it in a small apartment. As they gain popularity, new technological developments like this will only continue to grow in number and we can’t wait to see what comes next for the electric bike.

Hoverboard Scooters

For short trips or just a little entertainment out on the street, you can get a self-balancing scooter and drive yourself around with it. These things aren’t necessarily just kids toys to play with in the living room or the driveway. If you get a powerful enough one, you can go to work on it, walked your dog on it, or simply get some fresh air without having to worry about putting too much physical energy into it.

Electric Skateboards

For people that grew up skateboarding, there are aches and pains that you develop as you get older, and sometimes you don’t feel like pushing to get yourself going. New technology and creative companies have made it so that you can buy electric skateboards to get all of the enjoyment and all of the freedom of movement without the necessity to try and ramp yourself up hills.

Manual Options

There are always the manual options for traveling around your neighborhood as well. Get out your old bike. Put on a pair of roller-skates. If they want to make a scene, some people can dust off the old unicycle that they learned to ride when they were getting into juggling. Regarding fitness, it’s hard to beat modes of travel where you actually have to put energy into getting somewhere. Plus, if you’re trying to get around in rainy weather, sometimes you want to avoid having electrical components get splashed.