People who don’t drink alcohol (out of choice) are a very rare breed these days and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I refer to the quizzical stares you get when you tell someone that you’re a non-drinker. The consumption of alcohol is as natural as breathing to most people, so much so that everybody is expected to be happy about being poured a glass of wine or being offered a stiff drink as a big part of otherwise regular customs and traditions.

Fussy eaters also don’t have it easy, especially if your picky eating habits are as a result of limitations such as allergies and various degrees of food sensitivity, but are often just misconstrued for being a straight up picky-eater (pronounced snob).

So what happens if you’re both a picky eater and a non-drinker, yet you still harbour a deep-running passion for travelling? Any form of wanderlust proves to be much stronger than the prospect of succumbing to the fear of not being able to fully enjoy your travels as a result of being a non-drinker and fussy eater, so you definitely still want to travel.

Besides, most people who don’t drink (out of choice) really don’t see the point of getting intoxicated, and so don’t personally feel as if they’re missing out on anything, so you know that you can have fun in many other ways. You know that you can have fun in ways that are actually fun for you, so don’t shun your travel arrangements as a result of not being inclined to do what is perhaps one of the main things most people tend to do as part of their travels. You’re not travelling to Ibiza to get drunk on the beach – you’re going there to perhaps dance the night away and lay on the beach in the sun, the next morning, for example.

As far as being a picky eater goes, if it’s a matter of avoiding the effects of some allergies you may have, then it’s very easy for you to say no to foods that won’t agree with your stomach and give what is widely accepted as “legitimate excuse.” Otherwise stick to what you know if you really can’t stomach foreign dishes.

Diarrhoea really isn’t nice if you’re enduring it in your own home. I can’t begin to imagine how it must be if you’re away on vacation or travelling somewhere. You’ll have to endeavour to become a bit of an expert on quick-meals you can prepare or filling snacks you can dig into though, alongside explaining that you’re not being rude at all declining your hosts’ extensions of hospitality through their offerings of food and drink (alcohol).

Otherwise formal accommodation options such as hotels often cater quite extensively to non-drinkers and people with special dietary needs, so book that ticket and go out and enjoy your travels regardless.