Life can get so busy at times that between work and the exercise you manage to squeeze in on your way back from work, the travel equivalent of what would be your “heat-map” in football (a graph showing a player’s movements on the pitch and where they spend most of their time during the game) makes for some rather sad reading. Sure, beyond work and the gym you may even frequent your children’s school to pick them up and drop them off, but the point is it’s very easy for your daily movements to become rather predictable, monotonous and frankly quite boring.

Wherever it is in the UK you reside, if you took the time to look around your neighbourhood, town and city just a bit, you’d realise that there’s actually a whole lot more on offer, just waiting for you to explore. Those one or two holidays you take per year, which have you timing your leave so that it coincides with the kids’ extended school holidays, don’t have to be the only time during which you take some time out to enjoy your surroundings. You could perhaps take a different route from work each day or just set every other weekend aside to enjoy a cross-country family road-trip.

Britain has a lot to offer by way of some family road-trip gold, with the total cost of taking the road-trip perhaps not as high as you might have been led to believe. You can isolate a small portion of the UK over which to take your road-trip, or you can go the full twelve yards and do a cross-country road-trip.

So whether you’re going to approach your newly-found zeal for exploring a bit more of your own surroundings by taking a short road trip or a longer one across the UK, My Voucher Codes has some great discounts for you to ensure you can save on some of the associated costs and perhaps enjoy longer family road trips more frequently.

Where to go

Look, if it wasn’t a family road-trip and you were winging it with a couple of your mates perhaps, you’d get away with perhaps just hopping into the car and taking things as they come, exploring destinations as you go along. If you’re going with your family however and there are kids to consider, a lot more pre-planning has to come into effect because then there are just so many other things which could go wrong. And yes, boredom is one of the many things which could turn the otherwise good intentions you had into road-trip nightmare, so you have to consider that type of entertainment which is suitable for the whole family.

Road Trip through Cheddar Gorge

The drive alone through Cheddar Gorge is enough to inspire with its scenic views, but if you have kids in-tow then you’ll naturally want to stop along the way to engage in some interactive activities. The full drive plays out along the B3135 from Ashwick, with some twists, turns and bends that meander through woodland and deep lime gorges. The pick of the lot by way of family activities however is the family bike ride along the Strawberry Line Path (free), following the old railway line. Explore the Cheddar caves as well (£11.86 to £45.80 per person – under fives free), the sight of Britain’s oldest skeleton, and then learn about the history of the majestic Gorge. You can then top things off with a game of Crazy Golf (£4 per person).

Road Trip from Invergarry to Sky – Scottish Highlands

An awe-inspiring drive through the A87 route brings you up-close and personal with all that which Scottish Highlands has to offer and this little stretch of road meanders through one of the best stretches of road and land for a family road-trip in the UK. Explore the five lochs along the route (free), visit Eilean Donan Castle (£6-7 per person) and visit the Five Sisters of Kintail (free).

You can check out this infographic for more on these and other ideas for a great British family road-trip.