The last thing you need on a roadtrip is a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, cars tend to give warning signs when things could be taking a turn for the worse. In addition to this, there are general engine maintenance tips you can incorporate into your routine which will help to prevent damage and prolong the life of parts.

If you are caught out on your road trip and notice any warning signs, simply Google diesel engine reconditioners and your local areas. For example, “Engine reconditioners auckland nz”. When traveling, it is important to consider spammers and be aware that people will take advantage of you if they know you aren’t local. While this is an important factor, if you are caught out in a situation where your engine is showing signs of fault, it’s recommended you go with whoever appears closest to you in Google Maps. It is dangerous to continue driving when there are clear signs something is at fault. 

1. A knocking noise

This noise that quite literally sounds like someone is knocking under the bonnet is often due to the engine bearings needing to be replaced. If you ignore this sign, it will lead to quite intense repairs being required or even needing to replace the entire engine altogether. 

2. Engine vibrations

Vibrating in a vehicle could be one of a number of reasons. However, if the vibrating feels like it’s coming from the engine and not from other parts, such as the steering wheel, then it  is an engine issue. Whether you are unsure or not, the vehicle should still be taken into a mechanics for a check up. 

3. Black smoke coming out of the exhaust

Black smoke isn’t just as simple as it being an old car. It often is a clear sign that your engine is burning more than the standard amount of gas. If you notice there is a blue colour to the smoke, there could be an oil leak present and if it’s white, it could mean you have a coolant leak. Regardless of the colour, smoke is a signal you should nip into the closest engine reconditioners. 

4. Changes in fuel efficiency

You may have driven in your vehicle for a lengthy period of time and are familiar with how frequently you need to fill up, then you discover there is a noticeable difference. Your vehicle’s engine compression stroke could be faulty here. However, fuel efficiency is determined by many different factors and if it is not dramatic, you do not need to make a special trip to the engine reconditioners. Weigh up whether there is a big enough difference to suffice an entire trip in. If there is a slight difference but it is combined with additional signals, this is a sure fire sign you do need to detour to your local engine reconditioners.

The general rule of thumb with roadtripping is if you are feeling unsafe with your vehicle, take it to the mechanics or engine reconditioning specialists. It is not worth the risk, especially when faults could result in serious injury or death. Instead, have peace of mind with your vehicle.