Yes, we all know that traveling and going on vacation is fun. But, you can also get smarter and learn some things while you’re on the go and out journeying. In fact, often if you prioritize doing things to appreciate culture and knowledge, you’ll have more fun then if you had focused solely on entertaining yourself or relaxing. That’s one of the win-win situations which comes from thinking more broadly about the reasons for traveling in the first place.

There are all sorts of ways to think about this educational aspect of traveling. You can go on educational tours around the world that are specifically put in place to improve your educational experience. If you go somewhere that there’s a foreign language spoken, you can immerse yourself in the potential for education. And ultimately, the more that you choose to prioritize culture over entertainment, the more you’re going to get out of the experience.

Educational Tours

When you go on educational tours, everything that you do will have some sort of learning value associated with it. Sometimes educational tours are connected with college experiences. Other times they are more about creating an environment for families who want to do something more than just sit around and relax when they are on their family vacation. If there is a topic you can be educated about, especially as associated with geography, then it is very likely that there will be some sort of educational tour out there that caters precisely to that desire.

Learning a Language

It can be challenging to learn a language on your own with only books or other multimedia resources to help you out. But, if you choose to travel to a country and immerse yourself in their language, not only will you have native advice to work with, but you also have a reason to really dig in and fully comprehend the cultural aspects of the language, rather than just the technical formalities. Plus, if you choose to learn a language while you’re abroad, you can make lots of friends that you can stay in contact with for as long as you like, and they will be a constant source of inspiration.

Choosing Culture Over Entertainment

Why not choose culture over strictly entertainment while you’re journeying? When you get to your destination, visit a famous museum there. Go to an event where people steeped in the culture are talking about who they are and what they do. Find a music festival to go to that emphasizes history and education surrounding the culture. There are so many options when it comes to finding activities where you learn in addition to enjoying yourself while you’re at your destination.