The bucks party is an event that both the bride and groom often fear the most, as is a night that is commonly filled with unexpected debauchery, copious amounts of alcohol and some heavy shaming for the groom. All in all, it is an evening the groom will not forget for a while, and that his future wife will want to pretend isn’t happening.

While Australia isn’t short of its fair share of bars and nightclubs for a fun-packed evening, one thing they are missing is a decent bucks hotel. The UK has got it right, offering a plethora of stag do hotels in Liverpool, Glasgow, London and more, but it’s a service that’s relatively rare here in Oz.

For anyone that has not seen or been to a bucks hotel, it’s basically a giant nightclub just for you and your friends that you can all sleep in once the party is over. Most party hotels offer 10 to 40 guests, meaning you can keep it small or big.


If cash is a little tight

What’s more, the stay won’t cost a buck and his buds too much money, either, as you’ll all split the price – so it can be a cheap night if cash is a little tight close to the wedding. All you have to do is bring the alcohol, and you can even make your own entertainment, if you can’t afford to splash out on the Aussie staple of a stripper.

Most party hotels are often located near some of the city’s biggest and best clubs, too, so you can bring the party back to the hotel once all the doors are closed – because what groom should be sleeping in his bed at 12am? If you’re all tucked up in bed by 1am then you’ve failed the buck.

Aussie Girls

A bucks hotel also gives everyone a meeting point if someone loses the group. It’s so easy for friends to lose each other in crowds, or if they’ve had one too many beers, which is why a hotel is great place for friends to meet up.

We have no doubt in our minds that bucks hotels will soon start catering more and more for large groups, but right now this accommodation is few and far between. What’s happening is people checking into normal hotels, staying in separate rooms and being told off for making too much noise. A party hotel ensures that people can make as much noise as they like, and that the fun is unstoppable.

The nights entertainment

A bucks hotel can also be an alternative to the more raucous night, as some men just want to have a party without all the hassles of hiring entertainment or dealing with drunken members of the general public.

Rachel Harrison from the event’s company Chillisauce recently commented: “In future, I think people will start to get bored of the standard stereotype of drinking pints in the pub. I think it will change and people and people will realise the fun things you can do”.

Whatever you’re preference for a bucks night, you cannot deny that a party hotel ticks every casual or crazy box.