Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world, share cultural values, and better understand individual motivations and desires. As much fun as travel can be, the difficulty is staying healthy and maintaining optimal performance. Many places in the world provide great experiences, but not so great food, exercise, or sleep options.

For many people who travel while operating a business or freelance gig, staying mentally sharp on the road can be the difference between keeping up and falling behind. Nootropics are a type of supplement, sometimes natural and other times synthetic, which can help to increase mental performance even during travel situations.

Imagine a scenario you’re probably familiar with. After a long journey, you feel jet lagged, you haven’t had healthy food in almost two days, and projects are piling up. This is common among travelers and most situations don’t get any better with time unless specific tools like nootropics supplement tend to be utilized.

Here are a few of the nootropics you might want to utilize while traveling on the road:

#1. Piracetam – one of the first smart drugs is something called piracetam. There are not many piracetam side effects, but a ton of benefits. Many people who utilize the piracetam nootropic find that they have improved memory formation and learning ability. These aren’t always the first priority of travelers, but benefits for writing are universal.

Many of the people who are using piracetam find it improves verbal fluency, which translates into better video, speaking, interviewing, and writing. Unlike caffeine, piracetam doesn’t create a jittery bout of energy only to come with a crash. Instead, piracetam works almost under the surface in a way that is subtle, but effective.

#2. Aniracetam – similar to piracetam, this nootropic has a stimulating side to it that is useful for improving creativity and attention. Even though it is within the same family as the above mentioned smart drug, aniracetam has a different function that is quite unique.

Using aniracetam doesn’t have the same effect as caffeine either, which means it is a longer lasting and positive solution for improving mental performance while on the road.

#3. L-Theanine – if you simply cannot get enough coffee, there are many nootropics that you can use to get increased focus and attention without all of the negative side effects. The L-theanine amino acid is a tool found in green tea, which can increase the focus from caffeine, but reduce the side effects.

If you have ever taken caffeine and felt jittery like you couldn’t continue focusing on the task, this is where L-theanine plays a major role.

With this nootropic survival kit, you can travel anywhere and avoid the mental ups and downs of travel. For many who enjoy life on the road, this could be the magic bullet that avoids any of the downfalls that come with travel.