Your serviced apartment’s kitchen will come with everything from toaster and teacups to knives and forks, but it’s not going to come crammed with all the food you need for your trip. One of the advantages of having an apartment instead of staying in a hotel is being able to pick up your own food, so here are a few tips to follow if you want to stock your temporary kitchen in the best way possible.

Shop Fresh

Buying frozen might be cheaper at home, but it probably won’t be when you’re on a trip; after all, frozen food is generally bought in bulk and then stored and eaten over a few weeks. Unless you’re staying for a longer period, you’ll be forced to either eat the same meal each night or throw perfectly good food away when you leave. Buy fresh instead. You’ll only keep in what you need, and you’ll be better able to sample local flavours by buying fresh from stalls and markets instead of frozen from the supermarket.

Choose Multi-Packs

When it comes to meat, fish, and veg, going bulk is a bad idea. However, items such as yogurt, crisps, and other snacks are better bought in multi-packs. Why? Because you’ll be better able to pack a quick lunch and head out to see the city.

Pick Non-Perishables

Finally, make sure you try to choose food that won’t spoil if you take it home. Of course, you don’t need to be that strict for every meal, but, if you’re not sure what you’ll be eating each night, it’s generally better to pick up pasta instead of sausages. You’ll probably end up with a few bits left when you’re about to check out – better that you can take them home instead of having to bin them.

Bring a Few Bits from Home

Filling your serviced apartment’s kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean having to head to the shops – in fact, it’s a much better idea to bring a few bits and pieces from home instead. Think about those staples you use a lot but won’t get through during a shorter visit. Things like olive oil, salt, and tomato ketchup get used frequently, but you probably won’t go through a whole bottle or jar. Instead of buying more, simply bring those little bits from home.