London is famous for its parks and green spaces, but if you are only coming to visit the city briefly, it can seem hard to find time to explore the best ones. This handy guide should give some idea which parks are best to visit and take in this Spring.

William Morris’ Red House

The Red House where William Morris, designer, Utopian thinker, and founder of the Arts and Crafts movement lived possesses a very fine garden maintained by the National Trust. Visiting the site provides clear, picaresque view of how nature inspired his incredible designs. However, this garden is not only full of flowers and a beautiful bowling green; by visiting in Spring you will see an apple orchard in full bloom, as well as a practical vegetable patch tended by volunteers.

Fenton House and Gardens

Another National Trust favourite, Fenton House boasts a spectacular avenue and orchard.  Both of these beautiful attractions bloom with different flowers across the Spring, from the Snowdrops lining the Avenue at the start of the season, right through to the incredible sight of the Apple trees blossoming towards the end. Below them, throughout the season a full carpet of flowers occupies the orchard, before the season can start to change.  The National Trust have added 2000 Hyacinths this year to ensure the most bountiful and peaceful garden walks you can imagine as the visitor.

The Tulips at Buckingham Palace

Every Spring the memorial garden opposite the front gate to Buckingham Palace bursts into life with 50,000 red tulips and yellow wall flowers in a huge memorial for Queen Victoria. This incredible floral display takes a staff often numbering ten up to two weeks. If you are staying somewhere central such as the Dorsett Hotel, City of London, Buckingham Palace is never too far away. Your route will take you past Saint James’ Park, which has spectacular daffodils a little earlier in the Spring for you to enjoy. You can also enjoy Hyde Park, formerly Serpentine Park, which offers greenery and the pleasant buzz of Londoners and visitors socialising and mingling as they enjoy the Spring weather as well as the tulips this season.

The Cherry Blossom at Kew Gardens

The Cherry Blossom is often considered the national plant of Japan, and with the beauty that can be seen in Kew Gardens in late March to April it is not hard to see why. When the cherry blossoms flower whole avenues of the park can be carpeted in beautiful pink blossoms. Cherry blossom can also be found in the garden of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, which, at a more central location, can be more convenient if you do not have time to do the Kew Gardens justice on a flying visit to the capital.

If you do have time be certain to enjoy the Botanical Gardens at Kew to their full capacity, as they offer a wide range of wonders in the spring, the famous crocus carpet appears, Britain’s largest spring flower display. This extravagant beautiful view is made possible by the planting and nurturing of five million bulbs in the garden.