Of all the things travellers dread, particularly those travellers who enjoy travelling quite frequently, those last couple of days of your getaway are probably the most dreaded. These last few days which are in a sense the climax of each getaway aren’t the most dreaded because of the on-goings of the trip / retreat / holiday itself, but rather as a result of the thoughts of having to go back to your regular life.

Travellers who can occasionally afford a getaway perhaps don’t necessarily have a regular life back home they dread, but nine-out-ten times (or perhaps even ten out of ten) they’d much rather be travelling more frequently or even on a full-time basis. The reality is you dread the fact that business as usual entails the very routine you’re trying to escape, most probably driven by the need to earn money, so you wake up each morning in a haste to make your way to a cubicle where you slave away the whole day.

This is when the question of whether or not it’s possible to make money while travelling comes to the fore, as a serious matter of consideration rather than just a passing thought or theory. It is indeed possible to make money while travelling, but if you’re going to sustain your travels and your life in general on the money you make while travelling, you can’t start thinking about ways to earn money while you’re already travelling.

It takes a lot of hard work to get to a stage where you can sustain a solid income stream on a few hours’ daily work and that hard work required should be put in long before you travel.

What are the Options?

There is indeed the option of effectively working remotely, such being a freelancer who gets paid for tasks such as copywriting, graphic designing, web designing, consulting, etc., but that really is just another way of working remotely.

You can get plenty of work via platforms such as Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, etc., but you’ll spend most of your time working while you’re on your travels. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – I mean I would take working by the beach with my Wi-Fi-connected laptop over slaving away in a windowless office or cubicle any day, but I don’t know if I’d have the required discipline to get through the amount of work needed to sustain my travellers’ lifestyle in that way.

Automation (Passive Income)

They take a bit of momentum and sustained effort to build up, but what you should ultimately be aiming for is indeed building up passive income streams, if you want to make good money while travelling. If you’re finance-savvy, you may find that getting involved with online trading could help you generate some extra money. There are even automated crypto bots that you can use to do all the work for you once you’ve set how much you want to invest. Obviously, you’ll need to choose the best platform for this, you could check out this wer hat erfahrung mit bitcoin superstar article to see what people make of Bitcoin Superstar, one such platform that uses trading bots for trading cryptocurrency. Also, those skills we previously mentioned that you can otherwise sell as a freelancer can be used to construct some passive income streams, such as a travelling blog which generates advertising revenue, sponsorships, link swaps, etc., (copywriting). Even graphics designers can generate passive income from works such as illustrations or edited photos, pictures, images.

Sites such as Shutterstock.com and iStockphoto.com, and Shotshop.com amongst a few others make for great platforms for selling image downloads, with each such download making for another payment. You can have just one of your images downloaded 500 or more times per month, and at an average cost of between $1 and $30+, that can add up to some major passive online income you earn while you’re out enjoying your travels.

There are many other ways through which to earn money while you’re travelling, but the key to doing it successfully is to work on building up those passive income streams well before you start travelling and the more automated they are, the better.