1. Roll your clothes

You might think that folding is the most logical and space-saving way of packing your suitcase but you’re mistaken. Rolling your clothes saves so much space and you can also roll smaller items like underwear into other clothes to save even more space!

  1. Think logically about your packing order

If you’re packing to go on holiday it might seem like it makes sense to just pack everything in without a great deal of thought. However, if you think carefully about what order you’ll be using things you can take a lot of hassle out of your trip. For example, if you know you’re going to arrive at your end destination late at night, you should plan accordingly and place your pyjamas, your washbag and any other essentials you will need at the top so you’re not having to rummage around when you just want to get into bed.

  1. Stop necklaces and bracelets tangling

Taking necklaces on holiday is always tricky business. They can sometimes be an essential but they also have an annoying tendency to completely tangle themselves beyond repair in your bag en-route. A great way to avoid this is by sliding half a plastic drinking straw over the chain. To stop bracelets tangling you could use the same trick as the necklaces, or you could grab an empty toilet roll and wrap them around this. This is also a great way to store hair ties.

  1. Don’t lose your rings and earrings

As earrings can be so dainty, it is tricky to keep track of them. Try fastening them to buttons and popping the buttons in a little pouch so they are all safe in one place. Another way to do this, and to keep track of your rings, is to get yourself an inexpensive pill organiser. The little compartments are the perfect size for all your smaller bits of jewellery.

  1. Stop perfume and make up smashing

A great way to do this is to put a sock or two over the perfume bottle and pack it in your suitcase surrounded tightly by clothes to lessen the impact on it. Also consider popping it in a freezer bag so that if it does smash, your clothes aren’t ruined. If you are concerned about your eyeshadow or powder make up palettes smashing, then put some cotton wool inside the compact.

  1. Think about your shoes

Firstly, you probably won’t need as many shoes as you think you will! But if you are planning on packing a few pairs then make sure to utilise them by stuffing socks and other small bits and bobs into them. If they’re muddy and you’re worried about them damaging your clothes put them at the bottom of the suitcase and/or pop a shower cap over the soles.

  1. Organise your hand luggage bag

If you’re just travelling with hand luggage, or you will be taking a bag with you on board the plane then make sure this is properly organised too. Be sure to have the things you will need to remove when going through security like your liquids bag and your laptop or tablet easily accessible so you can get through security as quickly as possible.

Before buying a bag, make sure there is a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag so you have somewhere secure but accessible to store your passport and boarding pass. Pockets on the outside of the bag are also a great place to keep things like lip balm or headphones as you can get to them quickly but you don’t have to risk opening up your bag in a crowded place. Many high street shops and online retailers like Trendhim have some great hand luggage appropriate bags so you don’t have to look far to find one.