Whether you’re seeking to fulfil a lifelong goal, or just searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, a helicopter trip offers a once in a lifetime experience. With such gorgeous landscapes to discover all across the UK, a helicopter flight gives you a chance see them from a whole new perspective. If you’re seeking a thrill, you can find operators who will dazzle you with hair-raising manoeuvres. If, on the other hand, you just want to take in breath-taking aerial views at a more civilised pace, you can opt for a slower pace and even have some bubbly on board! For those who have always wanted to try their hand at flying, it is possible to find experienced instructors across the UK who can train you in this exhilarating art. Here are five of the best locations for a helicopter tour in the UK:

  1. A Country Jaunt

If you want to get away from it all and take in Britain’s rolling green countryside, then helicopter tours over Kent and Sussex offer unparalleled views. Take a trip over the white cliffs of Dover for a striking look at the most famous chalk on Earth, or fly along Brighton’s coastline to witness the pier’s lights from above.

  1. Big City Lights

Take a classic trip over the UK capital and witness all of London’s incredible landmarks from a bird’s eye perspective. You’re sure to be humming the EastEnders theme tune as you hover above the River Thames. Witnessing the city from one-thousand feet up knocks the views from the London Eye right out of the water. An experienced guide will be able to offer a fully guided tour of the city from above, allowing you to see how it all fits together- it certainly beats zooming around blindly on the underground.

  1. See the Lakes

With a helicopter tour over the Lake District, you can experience Britain’s most beautiful scenery like never before. The lakes and peaks offer a diverse landscape that will hold your attention from start to finish. This is certainly a ride that will take your breath away like no other.

  1. Some History in the Peaks

For World War II fanatics, why not take a trip over Derwent Valley to venture into the same airspace where RAF pilots trained. You can follow the river Derwent and fly across the stunning landscape of the Peak District, taking in landmarks such as Chatsworth House from the sky. As a result of the outstanding beauty of this piece of countryside, it makes for a fantastic location for a helicopter trip.

  1. Cornish Coast

Soaring over the glorious Cornish coast, you could almost imagine you’re in the Mediterranean. With gorgeous blue seas, crashing waves, and sheer cliffs, the Cornish coastline offers no shortage of sights to be seen. Such spectacular views mean that this journey offers some of the best photo opportunities of any on the list.

A helicopter tour makes for an unforgettable experience. Why not check out one of these great options and see for yourself?