One of the biggest triggers for people who have anxiety can be travel. The pressure of catching planes on time, having to plan all of your activities and being on the go outside of your normal routine can spark some feelings of uneasiness.

It is important to not let your stress get the best of you at a time when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself. Your vacation is supposed to be a time when you are thoroughly relaxing and enjoying your time away from the daily grind. Here are some of the best tips to take control of your anxiety and have a good vacation without falling into your stress triggers.

Online Counseling

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to remain in contact with a therapist, no matter where in the world you’re located. Being able to speak to someone about your worries can be a great help when you feel like you in a situation that increases your anxiety such as traveling. You may want to look into using an online counseling service, such as can be found at

Bring Medication

Make sure that you bring any prescribed anxiety medication that you have been given by your doctor in the event that you are too worked up to be able to work through it alone. The medication will help you regulate your moods better and is there for a reason. Considering the modern world and the different medications people use to ease their anxiety levels, this could be anything from benzodiazepines to medical marijuana such as this jungle diamonds strain and many others that could be beneficial for anxiety sufferers.

Make sure that you only take it when necessary, otherwise, you may find yourself abusing these drugs. Only take the recommended amount to avoid any issues or loss of good judgment since you are in a different place and not always entirely sure of your surroundings.

Stay Flexible

When you are traveling it is important to remember that things can change at the drop of any second. You may have a last minute flight delay, perhaps weather didn’t play out exactly as you expected, or any other variety of possibilities which could make you stray from your original plan.

When changes come it is important not to stress and try to control the situation but to try to be flexible and remember that changes happen and your reaction to these changes is a choice. Choose to be flexible and you’ll find yourself much less stressed out!

Don’t Overschedule Yourself

When you fill your schedule from top to bottom of back to back activities you aren’t giving yourself a chance to enjoy it fully. Try giving yourself some down time on your trip. This way you can avoid burning out too quickly only to come home from vacation feeling like you need a vacation.

There are times when anxiety often leads to people losing their sleep. If you already suffer from anxiety, you should try to remember that one of the best ways to make yourself chill out is to enjoy the art of doing nothing or doing something that doesn’t require much effort (like smoking a good joint). CBD products like sugar shack strain could help in reducing your anxiety and put you to a good night’s sleep. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all! Take one step at a time.

Try To Meditate Every Morning

Try to take a few minutes each morning and enjoy your coffee while repeating a self-empowering mantra. Try to take this little period of time every day to center yourself and commit to avoiding stress.