Marriage has been around since the start of civilisation. The Sumerians began the tradition 5,000 years ago. They initiated marriage by kidnapping their brides and fighting off any relatives that tried to get her back.

Today weddings are more civilised, but modern pre-nuptial celebrations tend to get dirtier (though in a fun way). In the United Kingdom, bachelors have Stag Parties. Considered a traditional element to modern nuptials, these gatherings help the stag become a man. He is meant to celebrate his bachelorhood for the last time. Currently, there are 300,000 men in the UK that are in this category and for them a Stag Do is an institution dedicated to the bachelor. To have the best stag party, bachelors will usually travel to a lively destination. To help you decide which would be the best for your party, we have compiled a list of 10 popular destinations throughout the U.K.

Along the Coast

1. Brighton

Brighton is an excellent partying destination for the stag. In addition to carrying the vigour of a bustling metropolis, it also possesses the energy associated with seaside resort. Plus, it is considered a premier coastal area among the British elite. As such, it possesses a plethora of Stag Do locations.

This should please the young stag, as Brighton always has something to do. There are beaches, bars and freedom. The stag that parties here can unshackle all of his inhibitions and enjoy what the town has to offer when it comes to nightlife and coastal relaxation.

2. Newquay

Newquay boasts white beaches and wavy waters. The latter allows the stag the opportunity to surf as long as he wants. When he is finished, he can put down his board and head out to the many bars to enjoy an even more invigorating experience with Newquay’s nightlife.

Somewhere Different

3. York

York is a place that proudly showcases the proud eras of yesteryear. Like Cardiff, York allows the stag to go on their own historical adventure. They will undergo a feeling of enchantment not common in everyday life. Upon their visit, they will see walled cities, lively people and the River Ouse. At the River Ouse, the stag can have his party on a private boat. Alternatively, you can walk along the docks and enjoy the scenery with the rest of your party.

4. Bath

If you are a stag that prefers a destination with a more mysterious flair, you should go to Bath. Culturally, Bath is part of Unesco, a world heritage organisation. As a result, you should experience natural wonder and extreme diversity. Started by Romans in the year AD 43, Bath is the only city in the United Kingdom that boasts hot springs. There are also other forms of entertainment ranging from theatre to sports. As expected, Bath also boasts a healthy nightlife too.

How about a little Culture?

5. Edinburgh

Edinburgh possesses the largest assortment of historical attractions, including museums, theatres and art galleries. It is one of the best places to visit in Scotland. In addition, it is also a part of Unesco so is steeped in history. The stag that decides to visit Edinburgh will definitely become more cultural. If your party visits the city during August, you will be able to treat yourself to the Edinburgh Festival.

6. London

Recently touted as the top destination for tourists, London does not need any introduction. There are many sights of interest. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park are just a few examples. There are also museums, shops and very elegant art galleries.

For those that are interested in theatre, London is well known for its plays. Stags that want to enjoy Shakespeare should really enjoy themselves here, being that London is considered to be one of the world’s greatest cultural hubs.

Stag Favourites that Everyone Should Love

7. Newcastle

Newcastle is like no other city. There is no other place on the planet where you will see hot women scantily clad in the sexiest outfits. They reveal their tanned skin in temperatures that are nearly freezing. However, considering that Newcastle is a partying capital, you should expect nothing else, as the locals are not only sexy but also friendly.

Here you can drink brown ale while talking with locals who are known for making ‘out of towner’s’ feel very welcome. You can also engage in drinking songs at the local bars and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Just make sure you reserve your lodging in advance, as this remains one of the best places for stag parties.

8. Blackpool

Every year, 16 million visitors go to Blackpool. This makes the city the most sought after destination in the U.K.. With this type of attention, many think of it in the same light as Las Vegas. Therefore, there really should be no wonder as to why it is so desired for stag parties.

Nothing could beat sitting in the sun at a premier beach. On a nice summer’s day you can get a decent tan. Of course, to have more fun, you will have to explore the city’s nightlife. Like everywhere else, there are clubs, but you also have the option of going to one of the many pubs and bars. Your transportation can be the fun “Boogie Bus,” a vehicle that allows you to enjoy Blackpool even on the smallest budget.

The Stag with Monetary Concerns

9. Your Home Town

Some stags might prefer to forego the difficulty and expense of traveling to a faraway city. Instead, they may opt to celebrate their upcoming nuptials in their own town. This option carries numerous benefits, especially when it comes to the issue of finances.

By having a stag party in one’s home town, there are no concerns for hotels or expensive transportation. There should also be first-hand knowledge of the area and as a result, you should not get lost or into any trouble. Should you decide to drink too much, your front door is not too far away either.

10. Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most accessible places in the United Kingdom. Named among the Top Ten when it comes to the best cities in the world, Cardiff gives an experience like none other. Stags can celebrate in a land full of castles and other remnants of medieval England. In the process, they will spend less money than in any other city in the United Kingdom.