Most people consider traveling to be a fun or leisure activity, but the nomadic lifestyle has far more to offer.  Traveling can be extremely therapeutic in many ways.  Personal enjoyment and escape are not the sole reasons a person should invest in travel.  

It helps to first understand that the travel industry does us a great disservice by highlighting destinations in terms of their marketing value as opposed to their true beauty.  It is easy to entice a person to visit the beach, but the ocean does not show us all this world has to offer.  

Take a moment to read through this short synopsis highlighting a few ways in which traveling can provide an extremely therapeutic environment for the weary soul.  

Traveling is restorative and refreshing

We all know how it feels.  That second, or maybe third, sunset we see in a foreign location leaves us feeling like the world just might be okay.  There is something about leaving a place behind that gives us a sense of freedom.  

The ability to get lost in the crowd without social expectations is priceless.  For this reason, in particular, many people choose to travel away from their hometown for drug and alcohol treatment.  Cutting communication with negative influences forces us to seek out new connections.  

Travel teaches patience and versatility

People who live in first-world countries are typically accustomed to a certain level of instant gratification.  Traveling helps us to remember that the rest of the world does not work the same way.  It is not unusual to wait double the time for service in another country.  

Patience is a virtue that will be imposed upon travelers.  Versatility also helps the miles to pass much more peacefully.  There is no way to predict weather impositions and other natural occurrences that may slow the process of travel.  It is best to just adapt, and go with the flow. 

Travel helps to lower personal defenses

Visiting areas of the world that are not as developed as the United States will certainly grant a new perspective.  Be sociable, if possible.  Meeting new people and learning new things about the world will help to develop a new love for humanity.  The most beautiful aspect of travel is the opportunity to immerse oneself in a completely different existence and the changed perspective that follows.  

The impermanent nature of traveling teaches resourcefulness

Traveling for any span of time will teach a person how to be resourceful with what is available.  When a person finds themselves in the middle of a foreign country that does not speak their native language, they quickly learn how to improvise and communicate effectively for the sake of survival.