Many people have it on their bucket list that they want to travel to the West Coast as part of their vacation at some point in their lives. This is a noble ordeal, but it is also one that you should plan on well in advance, especially when it comes to figuring out your accommodations.

If you want, you can stay at hotels during your journeys. Or you may want to find places to stay that are near events that you want to go to. For younger people or folks on a budget, there are plenty of hostels to stay at. And, there are always options when it comes to figuring out if you can rent timeshares.


The obvious option for staying places on the West Coast during a traveling vacation would be to book a hotel room. And there are beautiful hotels all up and down the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington state. There are major urban centers that have beautiful luxury hotels in them. And then there are country locations that are much more rustic but equally entertaining for people who are into that kind of thing.

Event Planning

If you’re planning your vacation around visiting a particular place or going to a specific event, then you may need to book accommodations a long time in advance. For example, if you plan on attending a championship sports event in Los Angeles, the accommodations around there are costly and hard to get into. That’s why planning is so important – you need to make sure you have the budget, and then you need to make sure you are in line before anyone else to get the places that are closest to your ideal location.

Staying at Hostels

They can be quite an experience staying in hostels. Especially in warm weather areas like the Southwest Coast, this is a great way to save money and meet interesting people, and it gives you a lot more time and flexibility to move around and do things that you wouldn’t otherwise. As an adult with children, this is a less feasible option, but if you’re single or traveling in a pair, then this can be a quite reasonable way to travel.

Timeshare Options

If you own a timeshare, then a journey to the West Coast is the perfect time to cash in your points and your options. Depending on the company that you purchase the timeshare with, there can be incredible opportunities to stay in absolutely amazing places for a small amount of money. And do not worry about the costs involved in the timeshare. If you ever feel that having a timeshare isn’t financially feasible for you, you can look for timeshare exit companies to help you get out of one. It would be wise to read reviews about them before selecting one, so you can protect yourself from scams. Again, it’s all about planning ahead. Timeshares are often booked long in advance during holidays or regular vacation times, which is why going the West Coast during the off-season can appeal to many travelers on a budget.