So, you are up for a tropical holiday on a faraway exotic island and you are wondering what to pack? Ko Samui features endless pristine palm-fringed beaches and an azure blue sea. It has got all aspects of a tropical paradise and it is more than perfect for a beach holiday with your loved ones, staying in popular beach towns such as Chaweng in a private pool luxury villa. Done with the beach? On the mainland, there are temples, mountains and waterfalls to visit, stealing the hearts of nature and culture lovers and adventure seekers.

What to pack for your Samui holiday?

Don’t pack too much!

First of all, don’t pack too much! Packing too much is something we all do, especially on our first far-away trip, from clothes we never wear to things we never use. Just remember that during your stay on the island, you will buy lots of new things – summer dresses, shirts and not to forget all of those souvenirs, so pack light. You don’t want to be forced to book extra kilos for your plane flight back home. Most of us end up wearing the same sets of clothing – that favourite skirt or shorts and those things that are most comfortable. Unless you are heading off the beaten track into the jungle, you will always be close to shops and when staying in a private villa, there usually is a washing machine on-site and the staff will be happy to do your laundry at a small additional fee.

The basics

What are basic things you really shouldn’t forget when packing your suitcase for a holiday in Ko Samui?

The things you won’t forget

You definitely need your bathers (or maybe two!), a beach sarong (or buy one on the island), sunglasses, sunblock, after sun, a sun hat, flip flops, mosquito repellent with DEET and breezy summer clothes, preferably cotton or linen. This will get you all set for holidaying under the sun! Do make sure to bring a high factor sunblock as the sun can be vicious! If you are an outdoor person and you like to go hiking in the mountains or the jungle, put in an extra bottle of mosquito repellent, long trousers and t-shirts with long sleeves, socks and hiking shoes.

The things you will forget

Depending on the season, you may need to prepare yourself for tropical rainfall. Usually, the heavy monsoon rainfall doesn’t last too long but it is intense so get yourself a poncho! Planning to take boat trips to visit the surrounding islands? Buy some motion sickness pills, just to be sure – it might be your savior! Also pack some norrit in case the traveler diarrhea kicks in.

For those of you planning to rent a scooter and explore the island by bike, it might be handy to bring your international driving license to avoid hassle with the local police.

Last but not least

Bring a guidebook, your smartphone, a camera and let your holiday start. Oh and don’t forget to bring your passport(!!!!) and make two copies of it as well, just to be safe.

Safe travels and enjoy your holiday – it will be wonderful!

Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder