If you’ve taken your canine with you on holiday a few times before then that special bond between man and man’s best friend seems to shine through in the uncanniest of ways since dogs seem to be able to sense when it’s vacation time. You’ll see him perched by the door a little more nervously than when he knows you’re going to work only to come back later, perhaps not wanting to be left behind for an extended period of time.

So if you are indeed taking your furry friend along with you on holiday, what exactly should you pack in your dog’s holiday bag?

A leash

Your bosom canine buddy might be well behaved back home and perhaps not need a leash to keep him in check, but it’s perhaps best if you take one for a holiday. He might just get overexcited and try to run off into what can be vast spaces or he might just need to be kept close amidst all the holiday excitement we all sometimes tend to get carried away in.

Dog treats

They’ll perhaps have to be professionally vacuum sealed (as they come from the store) and they’ll need to meet the import regulations of any destination you’re travelling to, but dog treats are a great way to really get your canine friend into the holiday spirit and perhaps even reward him for good behaviour. After all, everybody perhaps indulges a bit more than usual while on holiday. Additionally, you can now purchase dog toys that actually dispense treats! By looking into the best food dispensing dog toys, you can keep your furry friend entertained trying to crack into their treats while you are enjoying your calm moments on holiday.

First-aid kit

If your “human” first-aid kit doubles up as a comprehensive doggy first-aid kit then that’s fine, otherwise, you’ll definitely not want to leave a first-aid kit for your dog behind. The basics it’ll probably have are some stitches, bandages, de-worming tablets (if required) and perhaps even some local anaesthetic just in case he might need to be knocked out for a trip to the local vet to treat a more serious matter.

Doggy jumper

You never know just how the weather might change at your holiday destination, even though the climate guys are a lot more accurate with their models these days, so pack in a doggy jumper, which just by the way is also a great way to put your canine friend into the holiday spirit and let him know that he should perhaps be on his best behaviour because things are definitely not as they normally are.

Doggy life jacket

This is even more important if your furry friend is going to be flying in the live cargo section of any airline headed to your holiday destination, but it’s also important if your furry friend is going to be joining you on some holiday adventures such as kayaking and the likes. Dogs can swim, but a life-jacket can come in handy to offset fatigue if there’s ever an emergency situation that develops in the water.

Mini-grooming kit

This probably applies mostly to those dogs which need more grooming than others, like poodles and the likes, otherwise just a basic dog mini-grooming kit will do.

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