When most travellers who are weighing up their options as to their next travel destination or activity, one of the last options entertained is going on a cruise. This is mostly because one mention of the word “cruise” and images of middle-aged to elderly travellers come to mind, but it really shouldn’t be that way.

Cruises can be a lot of fun with lots of really fun experiences to be had. Not to mention the fact that once you’ve finalised all the arrangements of any cruise you want to go on and your booking has been confirmed, more than half of the usual logistical nightmares of organising a trip are all sorted out for you.

The only reason why cruises appear to specifically target the middle-aged and elderly is because they’re particularly popular amongst that demographic. Not because it’s boring aboard though, but rather because it’s more like enjoying the liberty to travel while taking with you all the comforts of home. If you’re cruising across the Atlantic for instance and you’re perhaps headed to the Caribbean, doing so aboard a cruise ship is like physically taking your entire neighbourhood with you, with all the amenities cruising across the ocean with you.

You have an in-house bar at your disposal, which will probably not take you more than ten minutes max to reach if you’re up for a drink. There’s likely a resident casino you can frequent to try your luck at amassing some holiday winnings. If you’re into sports, besides there being a fully equipped gym available, the typical cruise ship will probably also have professional trainers on board who will be on call to help you stay in shape while travelling. Travelling is one of the biggest killers of exercise regimes, so you’ll have no excuses.

There are many other fun things to do on board a cruise ship, which would take up an entire post if we were to detail them all. You can bet the last of your traveller’s cheques that there’s a night club type of spot where you can dance your way across the ocean and meet all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life.

Trust me, it’s rather nice as well enjoying the comforts of a typical home while you don’t have to prepare your own food or even make your own bed, but of all which a cruise has to offer, the best of it for me is the fact that you can go to bed tired to rest your head at night (or any time really, since we’re working on “maritime time”) and wake up in a completely different country, in a completely different time zone.

Book a cruise and you’ll discover a whole new meaning to convenient travel!